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Rosenbech - Massage therapist, Healer and Reflexologist

My Education

I started my career as an alternative practitioner by qualifying as a massage therapist at the School of Sports Massage in Fredericia in 1996.

I worked as a massage therapist for some years, but I wanted more, and then I qualifed as a reike-healer at Padam Christo Blaak. Reiki I in September 2004 and Reiki II in June 2006


Furthermore I qualified as a relexologist at Zoneterapeutskolen (School for Reflexology) in Kolding in 2007. I am a member of ZCT, which is an organisation of Danish professional and practicing reflexologists.

Zoneconnections zoneterapeutforening

In order to educate myself further, I have taken the "Starter Course" in 2007-2008 and passed on "Come Again" by Claus Petersen. I am regularly receiving treatments at the same place.



Healing can realign imbalances in our energy bodies.


You can heal everything. Only our imagination sets the limits.

Healing is a form of energy transfer. The energy comes from the universe through me to the client. When I heal, I occasionally receive clairvoyant messages. The messages are often helpful, so the treatment is optimized.

Healing brings inner peace and can alleviate imbalances and pain, whether physical or psychological.

In my time as a reiki healer, I have treated:
  • physical ailments such as sore muscles, which could not tolerate more massage or in places where it was not possible to give massage
  • people with low self-esteem
  • people who wanted to be better at saying no
  • a woman who had started her third fertility trials. (She succeeded in falling pregnant)
  • people suffering from grief, loss and bereavement
  • children, for various reasons
  • people with serious diseases, making the situation easier for them to handle
  • peope going to a finishing exam
  • people in the need of a larger mental energy
  • people with jetlag
  • and much, much more
  • You do not need to believe in healing for it to work. The important thing is that I do, and I know it works!

    My experience has taught me that the more open-minded you are as a client, the greater effect the healing treatment will have. Children for example, are very open and have rarely any skepticism. They have no reservations whatsoever.

    All my treatments are individual and tailored to the individual client on the day of the treatment. The healing is sometimes combined with a little massage and/or reflexology, and possible clairvoyant messages are transferred during the treatment.