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Rosenbech - Massage therapist, Healer and Reflexologist

The story of Aiko

Rosenbech - Healing of animals - Aiko
Aiko, who is a Karelian Bear Dog of almost 8 years, was afraid to get out when it was dark.

Read the story of Aiko, and what difference two healing sessions has made for him and his owners here.

Healing of Animals

I have been healing my dog Zimba for many years. He died happy at an age of 12 in March 2011, in spite of the fact that he was in pain.

In december 2010 I gave healing to two dogs who were afraid of fireworks. The healing took place one evening, while the fireworks was going on. Instead of barking of the fireworks, as they used to, they put themselves to sleep, while they were being healed. I gave the owner a few hints and subsequently they had it a lot better with fireworks.

Rosenbech - Healing of animals

Dogs, well, animals in general, are not skeptical and have no reservations. They happily accept healing.

When I am healing an animal, it often takes place at the owners house, at a place where I can see the animal during the session.