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Rosenbech - Massage therapist, Healer and Reflexologist


Tina Rosenbech

My name is Tina Rosenbech. I qualified as a massage therapist at the School of Sports Massage in Fredericia, Denmark, in 1996, and have worked with massage ever since.

Subsequently, I qualified as a Reiki-healer and qualified as reflexologist in June 2007 at Zoneterapeutskolen (School for Reflexology) in Kolding, Denmark.

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Among others, I cooperate with:

  • Bo's Tagpap ApS

Read what the company says about the cooperation:

"With Tina you always get good and proffessional treatment!

It's great, that you're able to combine 3 treatment methods (massage, reflexology and healing).
Tina is good at evaluating what your body and soul need in the healing process. We have had the company agreement with Tina for a long time, and it has definitely cleared a lot of our disorders."

Bo Johansen
Bo's Tagpap ApS

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I'm an alternative practitioner and use what I call "keys" when I treat my clients. I can use massage, healing, reflexology and clairvoyance individually or in combination as needed.


I always treat my clients individually. If you are treated by me, you yourself decide what treatments I may use. Typically I choose combination therapy, where I combine the use two therapies.

When a client first comes to me, we begin a relationship that involves making the client feeling better. The better our relationship - the more you get out of my treatments.
But of course it's also okay to lie down on the couch and passively enjoy a treatment.

Everything is confidential, but with a view to subsequent treatments, I do keep records. But I don't register security numbers.